Our research laboratory is affiliated with the Department of Genetics and Development and the Herbert Irving Comprehensive Cancer Center at Columbia University Irving Medical Center. We employ high-throughput genetic and (epi)genomic technologies to understand the mechanisms by which misregulation of chromatin modifications drive tumor development. Our goal is to apply insights from mechanistic studies to develop novel precision medicine and immunotherapy for cancer.



JUN 2019: Several good news for the group: Dimitris has joined the lab as a graduate student; four undergraduate students, Andrés, Abe, Vaib and David, have received prestigious fellowships to perform summer research; and Chao has been named as a Pew-Stewart Scholar! Here is a news coverage by HICCC.


Join us !

Multiple research technician, graduate student and postdoctoral fellow positions are open! We are looking for highly motivated individuals who share our passion for epigenetics.