SEP 2019

Lu lab at the 34th Genetics and Development Department Retreat! Yinglu gave a talk and Lizzy and Dimitrios presented posters. Dimitrios won the best poster prize. Good job to everyone!


SEP 2019

Our first paper is published! A great collaborative effort that identifies H3K36 di-methylation as a key player in recruiting de novo DNA methyltransferase DNMT3A and maintaining intergenic DNA methylation. We hope that these findings will translate into better management of patients with cancers and overgrowth disorders that are associated with mutations in these enzymes.

AUG 2019:

Lab farewell lunch for our awesome undergraduate summer students. Look forward to seeing Vaib and David back for the new semester. Abe and Andrés - you will be missed!

Lab lunch_2019 july.JPG

Jun 2019:

Several good news for the group: Dimitris has joined the lab as a graduate student; four undergraduate students, Andrés, Abe, Vaib and David, have received prestigious fellowships to perform summer research; and Chao has been named as a Pew-Stewart Scholar! Here is a news coverage by HICCC.

May 2019:

The lab went to a Yankee’s rained-out game. We still had fun but next time someone other than Chao should pick the date….


APR 2019:

Chao gave talks at the AACR annual meeting and the Gordon Conference on Cancer Genetics and Epigenetics on recent findings from the group.

MAR 2019:

Dave and Dan from the Allis lab visited us from Rockefeller. It was fun lab lunch with our academic grandfather!

Lab Photo_1.jpg

JAN 2019:

Our collaborative project with Gary Schwartz’s lab receives funding from the Emerson Collective.

DEC 2018:

The floor holiday party with Ciccia, Abate-Shen and Mendelsohn was a big success! Happy holidays to everyone!


DEC 2018:

Welcome Yinglu, who joins us from Peking University as a postdoc fellow.

NOV 2018:

Chao gave a talk at the EpiCypher Conference on Biological & Clinical Frontiers in Epigenetics.

OCT 2018:

Lizzy, a MD/PhD student, has joined the lab - welcome! 

SEP 2018:

Sean presented a poster at the Dept of Genetics & Development retreat - great job!  


Jul 2018:

John joins the lab as a technician - welcome John!

APR 2018:

Chao presented lab’s research at the AACR annual meeting.

APR 2018:

Our lab receives funding from the Matthew Larson Foundation!   

MAR 2018:

Chao gave talks at the AACR meeting: Targeting DNA Methylation and Chromatin for Cancer Therapy & Keystone Symposium: Gene Control in Development and Disease.

MAR 2018:

Chao receives the 2018 AACR Gertrude B. Elion Cancer Research Award.

MAR 2018:

Welcome Jing and Sean to the lab!

NOV 2017:

Chao receives the Dale F. Frey Award for Breakthrough Scientists from the Damon Runyon Cancer Research Foundation.

OCT 2017:

Chao is the winner of 2017 Blavatnik Regional Award for Young Scientists! Here is a news coverage by China Daily

Sep 2017:

The 32nd Department of Genetics and Development retreat was held at Wyndham Hamilton Park Hotel and Conference Center. 

Sep 2017:

The lab website is alive!